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SCHEDULE DELIVERIES AND PICK UPS WITH US Now Servicing Chicago and surrounding areas. -Let us personally deliver any of our products to your door. Don't buy from a company hundreds of miles away!- -Delivery, set up and installation-15 month warranty GreenLightUPS - Florida's leading manufacturer of UPSes and UPS products. GreenLightUPS is Refurbished UPS Battery Backups Systems. We sell, repair and maintain UPS units from xxxxva to 375kva all over the country. -All of our units are used, but then fully tested and fitted with new premium Powersonic batteries prior to shipping. We have a full line of products available, please call if you cannot find what you are looking for! *Green Light UPS strives to be an industry leader in these uninterruptible power supplies, or UPS, with a focus on both quality and value* Visit (click to respond)eenlightups. com Text us at 732-796-xxxx