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Here is a xxxx Slingerland Copper (over wood) finished 5-piece kit. The copper series was only in production for one year and one year only. The main reason for the limited production is that the copper wrap ended up oxidizing too easily and these copper shells would develop spots and holes and generally disintegrate. Finding them as clean as this example is incredibly rare. This a great kit with full sounding maple shells. The dimensions are:14" Tom15" Tom16" Floor Tom22" Bass Drum (2)It's a special kit and hard to find anywhere and I couldn't believe I got my hands on one, to be totally honest. The dream is to have a Vistalite and I don't see myself ever using the 2nd bass drum. The rack toms have had a 2nd mounting arm and bracket installed at some point (see photo). The floor tom's leg brackets are stripped and can be easily repaired with a visit to the hardware store. I'd recommend using snare stands for mounting the rack toms. There's a ton of different ways to set this guy up. Comes with the original Slingerland bass drum head!!!I'm asking $xxxx but I'm a reasonable guy, so make an offer!!!!! If you're in Chicago, we can work out a deal since shipping won't be necessary.