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This Mahogany Legion Heir Parade Drum is in simply AWESOME condition. The wood is rich in color and there is little wear on the drum. I'd say for the make and year, there's less wear than there should be. No rust on any of the hardware and original strap is totally in tact. It's faded a bit in color over the last 50 or 60 years, but overall, this drum is AWESOME. Comes with the original "weather-all" head. It appears everything on the drum is original and was just never used. I bought it because it's beautiful and I thought it would make a great furniture piece in my office. Presently, no work can even be done in the office and the boss has scolded me. Too much gear and Star Wars collectables!!! And vintage marching drums don't pay for the fam's Christmas gifts....the debit card does. So that's it. Need to make room and going to be using the money towards the Holidays. I'm asking $300 but I'm a reasonable guy, so make an offer!!!!! If you're in Chicago, we can work out a deal since shipping won't be necessary.