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,,,,,xxxx Ford Heritage Class C Motor Home for sale.Features:Built on an E350 chassis the motor home is equipped with a bullet proof Ford inline 6 cyl. 300 coupled to a 4 speed manual transmission with overdrive. It has the original cold R-12 air conditioning system which works very well. It has not been converted to R-134a refrigerant so it is very cold and does not get warm sitting at red lights. The chassis is one of the shortest at 20 feet bumper to bumper. This makes it very easy to drive in town and park. It will also fit in smaller camping spaces. It has an incredible over 500 mile range with two gas tanks. You will want to stop before it does. It has a second roof mounted air conditioning unit which is the only device that requires AC power. The stove, water heater, interior lighting system, water systems and refrigerator all function independently on 12 Volt battery or onboard propane. If you don't require air conditioning or have AC power available the camper is a total stand alone unit. Add a small free standing generator and you can easily power the roof top air conditioning unit.History:The camper was an original one owner before I purchased it. I was told the gentleman who owned it used it to commute 15 miles each way twice a year to his favorite fishing spot. When not in use it was stored indoors in a climate controlled environment. Eventually, the man became to old to use it and it sat for several years and was eventually sold by his estate. I purchased the vehicle in xxxx and drove it xxxx miles to Texas where it lives in my climate controlled aircraft hangar. During my ownership I have replaced both gas tanks, fuel gauge float systems, shocks and had a complete tune up done. The carb has been gone thru and the hoses and all aspects of the fuel system have either been inspected, repaired or replaced.Condition:The camper starts every time and runs great. I have tested all the systems and they work properly. The vehicle is 34 years old and not new but in extremely good condition. I doubt another one exists in this condition and with these low miles. I would drive this vehicle anywhere without hesitation. I get compliments on it wherever I have taken it and folks always want to look at it.