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I have over xxxx video games to lay on a PC. This Package is completely mind blowing and totally badass. I am also throwing in a controller. Some of the games include:Several versions of Street Fighter 2Several versions of Mortal KombatMarioClassic Atari Games like xxxx and Ms PAC ManHundreds of classic Sports gamesAlso as an added bonus, I'm gong to give you Everything Vs Everything, which is a fighting game from overseas that has over xxxx characters to choose from. From Superman, spiderman, street fighter, and mortal kombat characters to King of Fighters, Samurai Showdown, the Simpsons, and Family Guy characters. There is a preview in the video link.This collection is well worth over $100. I'm also throwing in a controller. You could make copies of the disc and sell it yourself. This is an excellent gift for a kid who has too much time on their hands. Non-stop video gaming!